A Beautiful View in Pioche, Nevada Overlooking Area 231

If you are new to hunting in Nevada please visit the Nevada Department of Wildlife Website for more information on the laws and tag application process.

The Overland Hotel in Pioche, NV is hunting central for areas 221, 222, 223, 231, and 242

Nevada Hunting Area Map

Congratulations to those of you who drew tags this year!

We are located in area 223, but 1/2 mile down Main Street is the start of area 231. Area 242 starts 11 miles south of The Overland Hotel.We have many services available to hunters looking for a place to relax after a day out scouting.We have up to date rooms with comfortable beds and we can provide amenities such as boxed lunches and late dinners for those of you who come in after the sun goes down.We also offer the use of our large walk-in cooler to hang your catch for $10/day for a maximum of 3 days. Hung animals must be cleaned, skinned, and bagged before hanging.

If you’d like more information about staying with us on your hunting trip please call us at (775) 962-5895

There are some amazing trophy deer and elk from our area.

The World Record for a typical Mule Deer shot by bow & arrow was made by local resident Frank Cheeney of Pioche, NV and was scored 205 3/4 points.

He shot it in 2016 and it was certified by Pope & Young as well as Boone & Crockett in 2017.